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All sprites gained from multiple locations such as Spriters Resource, Background Headquarters, Sprites Inc., drshnaps, and if I missed you I am terribly sorry! Please let me know right away and I will fix it as soon as possible! Toadkarter - Yoshi, Knuckles A.J Nitro - Bowser, Banjo Unknown - Link, Solid Snake Frario - King Dedede Geo Prower - Meta Knight Albino King - Pit Tonberry2k - Max, Donkey kong, Cecil, Crono, Diddy Kong, Fourside Badassbill - Bomberman RandomTalkingBush - Bonk, Donkey Kong Ryan914 - Magus, Ryu, Nina, Sparkster Drshnaps - Ristar, Kirby Charbon - Dr. Wright Infinity's End - Captain Falcon Saturn Echidna - Luigi Semijuggalo - Samus, Joanna Dark Yawachkry - Tails, Pitfall harry Ashura - NiGHTS SmithyGCN - Serge, Mai Lord Zymeth - Ryu Bonzai XX2 - Sonic M. Bison - Ness qwerty1080 - Fox Bean - Ridely Rogultgot - Marth Debug - Jill Valentine Polar Koala - Black Mage, White Mage, Fighter Dixet - Black Mage, White Mage, Fighter Bacon - Wario Nemu - Zelda Brucejuice - Ganon OSM - Sora Technokami - Pacman, Pac Ghosts Black Squirrel - Dig Dug The king - Duke Nukem Sirth Osiris - Lloyd Irving Sonicfreak - Earthworm Jim Dolphman - Jazz Jackrabbit Jackster - Marco Zephr_light - Ryu, Samurai Showdown Background Riddler Rob - Bubsy Shawn - Alex Jurae818 - Wolf, Zool, Bad Mr. Frosty ACE_Spark - Pulseman spikey512 - Crash bucketboy - Rayman Zeph - Chuck Norris Dirtbike06 - Altair Grim - Nigel, Gilius Thunderhead, Vectorman Bonzai - Nigel Lord Dante - Dante Taeron Dozier - Lara Croft ZRDragoon - Master Chief Broderbund - Prince Of Persia Again, if I missed anyone, let me know and I'll be sure to add you.(it is a alot at least 30 people I have to keep memorized!)